Life Coaching Explained

Life Coaching is a really neat yet often misunderstood industry.  "What is Life Coaching?" may just be one of the most asked questions.  Please allow me to explain what Life Coaching is and what I do.

Life Coaching focuses on new ways of doing things (The word change can invoke anxiety before getting started), goal setting and circumstantial outcomes.  Did you know that for every question you could possibly ask about what you should do or could do, the answers are buried deep within yourself?  Often, these answers are covered by fears, assumptions and beliefs that keep them from being discovered on your own.  As a Life Coach, it is my role to help you uncover those fears, assumptions and beliefs that are limiting your life.  Life Coaching is a self discovery process that is very powerful and moving.  Anyone and everyone can use a life coach and find significant value in it.  Even the most successful people continue to hire Life Coaches.  Life Coaching can help you with relationships, Career, Financial and even Wellness. 

So, what do you need? A desire to do something different than you have been doing, to desire a life that you didn't know existed.  Maybe you are living your life in the passengers side seat and want to hop over and take control of your life, a Life Coach can help you!

Life Coaching draws in self-actualization and purpose to help you find goals that are highly meaningful and moving and then work with you to develop a structured process to get there.  If you can think of a life that you don't currently have and you make the decision to get it, a Life Coach can help you see it to actualization.  Your Life Coach is YOUR advocate, friend and partner that is dramatically different than other relationships in that Life Coaching is about accountability.  We are, your accountability partner.  

Be sure to ask your Life Coach about their education and training.  Life Coaches are starting to pop up like weeds.  Many people think that because they have been through a life of struggles that they can coach others however Life Coaching is not about the coaches path, its about YOUR path.  A Life Coach should never impose their decisions upon you.  As I mentioned before, Life coaching uncovers your own answers.  I don't need to offer you mine.

Now get out there and see for yourself the amazing value a Life Coach can provide you!  Even if you chose someone other than myself, I applaud you for demanding more from yourself and life in general.  This is your life to live, what are you going to do with it?