Struggling to reach your goal? Just chunk it!

It's important to set lofty goals.  If we set goals easily obtainable, we often find them not rewarding and we are even sometimes left with the question of "Why did I do that anyway?".  We never know what we are capable of until we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.  Speaking of comfort zone, what has it done for you lately? Just curious.  


When we dream big and set lofty goals, we often find ourselves in an overwhelming position.  "What if I don't accomplish it?" "I don't know where to begin!" "I can't!" This negative self talk will certainly keep you in your comfort zone.  Is that where you would like to stay or would you prefer bigger and better things for yourself? Oo, so you do want bigger and better for yourself?  Great! 

Have you ever heard of "painting by grid"?  If you haven't, painting by grid is a way to duplicate a painting by overlaying a square grid over the original and then drawing the same grid on a sheet of paper.  Instead  of trying to draw the whole picture at once, you focus on a square at a time.  This is what is called "chunking"! It's taking something big and potentially overwhelming and breaking it into smaller doable chunks.  This lowers anxiety to a level where you don't get overwhelmed.  Honeslty, we do this with food too.  If you have an 4 ounce piece of chicken, you are going to cut it down into smaller bites, right?  I mean imagine eating a 4 ounce piece of chichen all at once.  Let's apply this to our big dreams and lofty goals!

To avoid the overwhelming effects that could come from lofty goals, let's go ahead and set the goal then "chunk" it into  smaller portions.  Even many runners chunk when they run.  They focus on the next tree or the next fence post.  Whatever is ahead of them yet in sight.. do this enough times and they reach the finish line! Break you goal down into smaller bites that you can actually achieve leading to your big goal while having many successes along the way. 

It's important to note that the process for reaching your goals is a patient one.  You must take massive action however being patient will help keep you moving forward.  It's not so important that you know the exact path you take to reach your goal, just get moving and routinely evaluate where you are in regards to your goal.  You might need to adjust if your results are not in alignment with your goals. This does happen, don't let it get you down.  You are still learning from the whole  process. It's also important to note you can never fail as long as you are taking action.  You only fail when you give up.  The good thing?  I know you.... you will never give up!  So let's get to goal setting and chunking it!

Are you ready to stop talking  about yesterday and focusing on what you are doing today?  What you are doing... Right Now.... to reach your dreams! Let's do it!