Before it is too late...

I was speaking to a friend the other day about something they had recently experienced.  They had a medical emergency and, at that time, thought they actually may not make it out alive.  It was a very powerful conversation, not just in the fact that they had an emergency though. There was a lesson to be taught here.  It was powerful because it gave them a reality check on the short life we live.  Many people say they have lived a fulfilled life, one where they have accomplished many things and feel good about what legacy they leave behind.  It is in that moment when you think you are going to die that reality shakes you up!  You begin to realize that you are NOT as ready as you thought and you don’t want to leave this planet just yet.  A sense of urgency overwhelms the mind and now, A new found drive to survive and a reason to continue on at a much faster pace.

Tomorrow is not a guarantee, in fact, neither is any time ahead of now.  When you live:

  • LIVE on purpose,
  • Live to leave a legacy,
  • Live to be someone’s HERO,
  • Live to be Selfless.

Whatever you have, give it your all!   The last place you want to be is on your death bed not ready to die because there are so many things you still want to do.. as Nike says, “JUST DO IT”…. and do it .. NOW…Before it is too late!