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Craig Willard

Craig Willard is a mindset expert certified in High Performance Coaching.  Craig is a member of the International Coaching Federation and the Association for Applied Sports Psychology. He is a Ph.D. candidate who has leveraged his Healthcare Leadership background with psychology research and real-world coaching experience into a transformative program for altering the way people think. His high-performance mindset techniques have been successfully tested by executives, athletes, and everyday people who wanted more out of their lives.


Craig served the healthcare industry for over 14 years where he led an incredibly high performing Information Technology team built upon sound psychological principles that created a motivating environment the department thrived within.  It wasn't all glitz and glam though, Craig first led like a dictator telling everyone what they should be doing however, he quickly realized that model of leading produced horrendous results.  Craig leans on a decade of successful leadership experience and education which includes a doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  He is considered a mindset expert allowing him to get to the core of cultural and personnel issues as well as help high performers move the needle.  If you are looking to crush your organizational goals, teach your team about concepts like Servant Leadership and Purposeful Leadership, Craig can help you.  Maybe you are looking for someone to help you rebuild your culture/climate or improve your overall employee moral, let's have a conversation about what he can do for your organization.

Leadership, to me, is about motivating people. Craig Willard provided practical methods for supervisors to use to become highly effective leaders and provided simple guidance on how to engage our employees. Our staff has greatly benefited from Mr. Willard’s leadership class and I would highly recommend him to any organization.
— Jennifer Wilson, Deputy County Judge Franklin County Fiscal Court


Craig has been honored by working with some of the most amazing and successful athletes around.  From visually impaired National Champion Triathletes to Professional Triathletes and even elite level CrossFit Competitors to competitive Body Builders.  What he will tell you is that no matter how good you are of an athlete, if your headspace is not just as good, you will underperform! Even if you win, you might miss that record by a hair.  Craig has spent years working with a vast array of athletes with tremendous levels of success.  If you are looking to gain the edge by limiting your negative self-talk, removing your performance anxieties, or even to improve your focus, lets have a conversation about what Craig can do for you.

Craig offers something very unique to his clients.
He is quick to identify areas that the client could benefit from improving - whether it be in race, training or day to day life conditions. He talks the client through how to make these positive changes happen, and most importantly, teaches the client how to take ownership for these changes. His passion for his work is very evident.
I love how Craig gives me the tools to go ahead and achieve my goals. Craig and his ability to release the mind to do what it is capable of, is absolutely a large component of my training as a professional athlete. Thank you Craig!
— -Pro Triathlete and Ironman recorder holder Anna Cleaver


Why consider High Performance Coaching?  We are capable of ridiculous levels of success however most people only concentrate on their external environment or what is in their way.  Here, I take an inside-out approach!  By combining groundbreaking research and tools in psychology, neuroscience, and quantum physics along with strategic coaching, we will go on a journey of growth and development that will unlock your limits so you can live the life you have dreamed of!

Do you ever ask yourself “Why do I do the things I do?” or "Why can't I save more?"

From the moment you are born, you are writing your own personal story.  Your story includes the incidents and events that have happened in your life which ultimately create your own unique plot.  Your story is a system that holds together beliefs and assumptions  to help you create an understanding of the world around you.

In the first years of your life, your parents help you to establish and program your behavior patterns and belief system, in essence, pre-programming you.  Because of this story, Neuroscientists estimate that approximately 98% of mindset is the unconscious mind, operating on autopilot while only 2% being our conscious mind.  I provide you will ground breaking tools that make the world of difference in your life.  We will create a new belief system that has been the main barrier in your life.  If you are dealing with self-doubt, anxiety, depression, or struggling in your career, we should talk about what I can do for you!

“Working with Craig Willard at u-discovered has been such a blessing for me. The timing was amazing. I’ve known Craig since he was a youngster, but wasn’t fully aware of what an accomplished listener and advisor he had become. Craig was remarkably supportive and compassionate yet skillfully adept at guiding me to focus on what I really wanted to accomplish. My personal and professional life was in need of key adjustments and I wasn’t focusing on the necessary changes until we broke it down together. I’ve been surprised after every session, thinking, “That certainly makes sense!” Looking back at the process, I am very pleased at how Craig walked me through the distractions and excuses to focus on key goals I wanted to accomplish and help me take steps to get there. I’m still amazed at how thinking objectively allowed me to make substantive changes in my life! I have left an unfulfilling job, understand what I really want in a relationship, and have made changes to put my financial goals in perspective. He was patient and took it one step at a time and although, I am still working on a few things, it no longer seems insurmountable now. If you are considering starting the coaching process, you will be inspired and excited after your first meeting with Craig Willard.”
— Judge Barton