5 tips to a better marriage

Every once in a while, I ask a friend about their situation and what they learned in which they would like to share with the world.  This situation is about someone who is going through an unfortunate divorce.  I asked her " What advice would you offer a soon-to-be married person?"  This is her response:

  1. Communication is key and forgiveness is a must
    1. Let go of the little things and genuinely forgive with all you have.  This is the only way to remove the burden from yourself.
  2. Relationships are unique
    1. Never compare your relationship with others.  Each relationship is unique, different in its own way.  It is important to start a relationship or even marriage with this mind in thought.  Judging your relationship against another will not end well.
  3. Know each others love language
    1. Take time to know your significant others “love language”.  Everyone expresses love differently.  Communicate with your partner about how you express love.  For some, love is expressed by doing for the other person while someone else may feel it’s about listening intently.  If the two of you are not on the same page, someone’s’ needs may get neglected while the other thinks they are doing everything right.  Communication is important, sound familiar?
  4. Second Marriage?
    1. If you are marrying for the second time, be aware of the complexities of a blended family.  Know how your partners parenting style.  If it is different than yours, look for common grounds in advance to minimize the possibility of this affecting or straining the relationship.
  5. Know yourself and be true to it
    1. It is important to  to know yourself and be true to it.  Never go into a marriage thinking it’s a 100% “we” thing.  You are an individual and have a need for “me” time.  Have a life outside of your relationship that allows you to be your own individual and one you are proud of and feel secure with being that person.  Losing yourself is the quickest and easiest way to become dissatisfied in your relationship.  

What has your relationship and/or marriage taught you that you would like to share with others?