Struggling to reach your goals?

It can happen to anyone, you set a goal and create action launching you towards it however something happens and you end up falling short.  Odds are you didn't prepare for adversity.  We have all experienced it, right?  So what can you do to avoid this in the future?  Try this-

  1. Make a quality goal that is a bit out of reach yet achievable.
  2. Find a relaxing place to sit, take a few minutes to calm your body by breathing in for the count of 3 and then breathing out for the count of 3.  Once you are relaxed, move to the next step.
  3. Visualize what it is going to be like to meet this goal.  Envision how it is going to feel when you accomplish it.
  4. Find a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle of the paper.
  5. On the left side, write down anything that could become a potential barrier or obstacle to the accomplishment of your goal.
  6. On the right side, write your plan to remove each barrier or obstacle.
  7. Now...Get to work!

By relaxing and visualizing meeting your goal, this makes them real.  Visualization has been proven to help reach goals however you still must create action.  Visualization alone will not do it.  When you think through the journey towards your goal and write down anything that could potentially get in your way, you are preplanning and eliminating them in advance.  Think of this as making sure your spare tire is good before going on vacation.  Not only will this prove valuable, it will also help you push through adversity. Proper planning goes a long way!  Now all you have to do is create action towards your goal!