#MindRightMonday Race with Amnesia

Here you are, racing a triathlon.  During your swim, you get kicked in the face and your goggles move enough to bother you.   You are probably worried about losing time and you certainly don’t want to stop. You begin to get frustrated, right?  Maybe you have a flat tire, you lose a bottle, maybe you can’t find your transition bag.  All kinds of things can happen and when they do, your mindset shifts and you become negative, your self-talk begins to control you.  So, what should you do to overcome this?

Race with amnesia, Things are going to happen.  To have problems is to be alive.  Focusing on the problem will keep your negative mindset.  Do not worry about the people that are passing you, do not worry about the time.  That will not help you move forward.  Instead of focusing on what happened,  focus on finding resolutions.  Ask yourself “what do I need to do to overcome this?”  It’s is easy to focus on the obstacle however you are a champion and champions focus on resolutions.  Finding resolutions empower your mind to move forward….to have race amnesia!

There is no such a thing as a “perfect” race.  Even your PR was not perfect.  You can always better your best.  It is who you are!  It is what you do!  Just remember, nothing is perfect and when challenges rise up, meet them and conquer them!  This is where you grow the most.  This is how you go from good to great!

Champions move forward, Champions focus on resolutions, Champions race with amnesia!