#MindRightMonday IRONMAN Dreams

I spent the weekend down in Houston for the IMTX.  I’ve never left a place more inspired. Sure, it’s exciting to see Matt Hanson absolutely demoralize the course with such tenacity. I couldn't help shake my head and say “DAMN!” That was certainly inspiring! What is truly inspiring on a completely different level was the number of people who came out and completed the IRONMAN who are just like you and me. They set out with a mission to properly prepare mentally and physically. They worked with a coach, developed the proper habits that made them efficient and followed their nutrition. We often look at these individuals and say, “ I could never do that!” Funny thing is, many of the people who have now become an IRONMAN have said that exact quote before.

If you dream of completing an IRONMAN or even a smaller event, don’t let that dream die with you. Do not take it with you to the grave. I assure you, if you want it bad enough, It is within you to get it done. It doesn't matter if you are the first to cross the finish line or the last. Crossing that finish line means that you ARE an IRONMAN. Sure, at the 10k foot view, such a task is daunting however with a great coach, you will be provided with appropriate guidance on how to eat this elephant one bite at a time. You too can do this. I know you have it in you… If you are ready to become part of the .0001% of the human race which has completed an IRONMAN, reach out to Mind Right Multisport to get started!