There is something quite unique about those who feel confident.  They exude a level of energy you can literally feel.  Confidence can be quite overwhelming to someone who is not confident themself.   Confidence however is not competence.  They are completely different.  You can be confident yet not have the competence to do something.  On the other hand, you can be competent yet not be confident.  In fact, having confidence, you will find a way to create competence.  When you are confident, there is nothing you can't do.

So I ask you, are you confident?  Better yet, do you display confidence?  No, I’m not speaking of arrogance many exude.  Arrogance is a fear-based energy.  Those who are arrogant fear being judged by others.

Confidence commands attention while arrogance demands attention. 

So often we hear that practice makes perfect.  Have you said that before?   I know I have.  Yet, what we have found out is that practice doesn’t make perfect.   Practice makes habit!  This is key to confidence.  You don’t have to “fake it until you make it”.  Confidence is in you, lets talk about a few ways to uncover your confidence.

  • Beliefs
    • Belief is a neutral energy.  This means that your beliefs can swing in a positive or negative direction.  If you believe can or believe you can’t, you are right.  How powerful is that? When you belief in yourself, you display confidence. 
  • Focus
    • Every notice those who are SUPER focused exude confidence?  The amount of energy your eyes display is crazy.  A quick glance at someone’s eyes and you can tell how confident they are.  Do their eyes move around a lot or do they focus ahead with laser light focus?  Use your eyes to focus to become more confident
  • Self-Talk
    • Your mind loves to answer questions.  Including those you ask yourself.  If you are not doing something well and you ask yourself why, you will get an answer in which you may not like.  If you said to your friends the things you tell yourself, would you have any friends left?  We often get upset at others for mistreating someone we care about.  Have you thought about how you mistreat yourself?  Positive self-talk will certainly bring your confidence out.   “I can” should be “I will”, “I could” should be “I must”,  “I might” should be “ I must”.  We can only thing of one thing at a time.  Chose wisely, what you think, you become!
  • Posture
    • Ever noticed someone slouching?  They look weak.  Keep your shoulder back, your lower back arched while sitting, standing or walking.  This is one of the easiest ways to note someone’s confidence.  So stand confidently.  Walk confidently.  Sit confidently, on the edge of the chair.
  • Appreciation
    •  Someone just complimented you, did you say “thank you”?  HAHA, you didn’t huh… You are not being very nice to yourself.  Go ahead, and say “thank you.”   It will feel great and lift your confidence.  When you receive a compliment and thank them, your mind begins to shift and you get a feeling of energy within your chest!  Also, compliment others.  It is well documented that we see in others what we see in ourselves.  Focus on giving more compliments, now that… is confidence!


All of these things will greatly increase your confidence from within you.  Unlike confidence others may give you or confidence from achievement, internal confidence cannot be taken away by anyone or anything.  Be confident!  Your life will be happier, you will achieve greater levels of success.  Confidence will propel you through adversities.....What you seek, seeks you!  Practice these to create habits or brain automation .  When these become automatic, whew.. the world better look out!  Lets get going!!