#MindRightMonday Confidence

Your training is solid, your plan is in check and now you are on the line and ready to run the race of your life. Are you confident? If so, where does it come from? Does your confidence come from others? This kind of confidence can be taken from you as quickly as it was given. Self-confidence, on the other hand, can only be taken away by yourself. Where does your confidence come from?

It’s as simple as looking back at your training log. Look at where you started and where you are now. Reflect on your journey.  Think about the mindset you had when you first started. You probably didn't envision the day you would be doing what you are doing today. You probably broke some limiting beliefs about what you actually could do. You can quickly develop self-confidence by breaking through barriers, limiting beliefs and fears. This is why proper training is crucial.  Self-Confidence also comes from the realization that every day is different. You may not run as well tomorrow as you did yesterday. That is ok. Don’t get all gummed up over the daily analytics.

Imagine trying to lose weight. One of your habits in the process is checking the scale every day. As you step on the scale, you drop a pound a day for the first 5 days only to pick up 5 pounds on the 6 day. This can drain your confidence, if you are skeptical that what you are doing is going to actually work. It is highly important to keep up with analytics however, micromanaging them can become a huge burden to your mind causing you to lose confidence and under perform.

Use technology to your benefit. Use a Garmin or some other kind of watch while you train. Get accustom to keeping your pace and how it feels. This will minimize coming out too fast at the start, running too fast or even running to slow. Use it to your advantage to keep you on pace.  Run like you train!  From a psychological perspective, do not use anything new on race day including technology and shoes. By minimizing the number of change variables, you can increase your confidence. Remember, the only confidence worth having is the confidence that come from deep within you. Relying on your confidence can help you overcome anything on your journey,  just make sure it is yours.