#MindRightMonday Life is Crazy

Life is crazy, huh?  You developed a day-to-day training plan that you feel great about.  You know by the day what you are to do in order to reach your goal.  As you move through your plan each day, life gets in the way.  Something happens and you miss a workout.  This happens to everyone, including me.  I’ve missed workouts do to work, illness, my daughter.. the list goes on...  So, what do you do when life gets crazy and you miss a training day?

Here is a thought- Do you use a calendar to keep up with your training?  How about using a non-calendar system?  Instead of using Monday, Tuesday… use day 1, day 2 and so forth.  When you miss a day, use it as rest.  The next day, continue with the missed and keep on going.  Don’t interfere with rest days thought, they minimize the risk of injury.  

Do not worry about the missed day!  Just as it takes more than a single day of training to reach your goal, you will not be ruined by a missed training day.  Instead of worrying about it, use the time to focus on your next training day. Don’t run harder or faster trying to make up, run your plan exactly how your plan specifies.  Keep the momentum going and get excited for your next training day!

Let it go!  Your training plan is set up with certain point of downtime for recovery.  Squeezing your missed downtime into a recovery day or doubling up on training one day is the recipe for potential injuries.  Stick to your plan and let it go.

By not letting it go and worrying about it, you can begin to feel like you are not going to do as well as you could have.  As you focus on this negative self-talk, it is likely you will see to it that you do not do well.  The mind is a critical component to your plan.  Keep your head in the game, remember your goal and realize that nothing is perfect.  In fact, expect some bumps in the road. Stay positive and keep on going! 

In sport and life many things can impact happiness and performances. Some can be controlled, some cannot. The mind is one, that with proper training, can be controlled and leveraged to be an advantage to you, not a limiter. Get your mind right!  For more information, check out MIND RIGHT MULTISPORT