The woman's perspective - 5 things she wish men knew about women

I was talking with a female friend of mine the other day.  In our conversation, I asked her 5 things she wished men knew about women.  What she said was intriguing and not at all what I expected her to say.  That is the fun part of questions like these.  Without further ado, here are 5 things she wishes men knew: 

  1. Jealousy can be good - We don't want you to start a fight with every guy that has a wandering eye but showing your confidence in us as your partner and the relationship is super sexy. Simply recognizing attention we may warrant from other men by putting your arm around is a silent way of signaling this without acting overly protective. 

  2. Chivalry did not die in Camelot - There's a fine line between a man that constantly dotes on a woman and one who (often without thought) opens her car door and helps her put on her jacket. It's hard to find so I think that many women (even myself admittedly at times) has reluctantly, given up on chivalry. We've come to 'accept' our role as more equal to men and as such perhaps we don't need to be treated as delicate flowers...but I feel that every woman does desire and to an extent believes in the fairy tale and her prince charming or Lancelot.

  3. Women admire other women - And we too agree with you that their bodies are more attractive than men.  I think that's how God intended it to be.

  4. We don't shave our legs every day - Actually it's sometimes a strategy to prevent a guy from getting too close early on in a relationship.

  5. We need to feel wanted and desired, even after a relationship has been established. The wooing shouldn't stop.  We want to give our opinion and yes have you LISTEN to what we say...even more we want you to REMEMBER what we say - it may come in handy later on.

 I loved this and her openness.  I would like to hear your feedback, comment below if there are other things women wish men knew!  My friend wanted to stay anonymous.  You know who you are and THANK YOU!