Wellness through Visualization and Focus!

Take care of your body, it is the only one you have!

Have you struggled with weight loss?  Tried many diets without any luck or worked out without any success?  I find this very common, in fact, this is what the diet/fitness industry relies on.  They entice you with images which may have been falsified and great marketing.  Even personal trainers often miss the keystone to body change, well, change in general.  The keystone is our mind.  Wellness is a mindset in which gives ownership to you.  With this ownership you get responsibility.  In order to take care of our bodies, we must make choices that are in our best interest.  These choices should be informed, we should have a consistent pursuit of nutrition, exercise and include safety.

I am going to give you a guide to incorporate your mind into your weight loss program.  In following this guide, you will be able to focus and visualize your wellness and receive better results.

Follow your A-B-C's  - This means to "ASK for what you want.  "Believe" you will get it and then "CREATE" it!

  1. Focus on the weight that feels good to you.
  2. Picture what you will look like at your ideal weight.  Think/Look at this picture daily.
  3. Write out your ideal body weight range.
  4. Focus on the body you want - refer to #3.
    1. Remember, this must be your ideal body weight.  (You can't lose weight and have a supermodel's body.)
  5. DO NOT focus on "Losing" weight.
  6. DO NOT focus on "FAT THOUGHTS" such as:
    1. slow metabolism
    2. hereditary body size
    3. slow thyroid
    4. The spirt of your Great-Aunt Sally that channeled the curse of large thighs
  7. Look at and ADMIRE your body - Be grateful - Keep in mind the pictures you have - Refer to #2.
  8. When you eat, be entirely present to the act of eating and to your body.
  9. Visualize the thoroughly chewed food assimilated through your body.
  10. Think and feel as though your desire is manifest.
  11. Create your body, as your life, intentionally!

If you are serious about improving your wellness, print this off and follow it.  Think about it often and hold yourself accountable to following.

NOTE* This is a portion of a plan I offer called "Your New Wellness Story". If you would like more information on this, please call me at 502-771-0721 or email me at craigwillard@U-Discovered.com