Why you choose the partners you do and what it is teaching you

Life happens for us, not to us and our relationships are no different.  Ever notice how we seem to find the same kinds of people to date... no matter what we "attempt to avoid"?

Have you ever said... "He is just like my dad!!" or "She is just like my mom!!"...??

When looking at your/for partner, you most likely feel like you select(ed) them consciously however, the truth is, you are selecting them subconsciously in an attempt to obtain unmet needs from your childhood.  NO! This doesn't necessarily mean your parents are to blame, so don't go blaming them!  Humans are not perfect, we will make decisions, as parents, that we feel are the right decisions however, our children will see them differently.  We all experience life differently through our own unique lens.

During our childhood, we create the image of a relationship (what it should look like) based upon the relationships of our childhood care takers.

Whatever relationships we experience over and over as a child creates our relationships reality. 

Why are you doing all this this?  To heal subconscious wounds!

Basically, we subconsciously create similar relationships that match the image we created of relationships from our youth in an attempt to repair them.  The problem is, we want to change the other person and this very thing leads to the destruction of the relationship.  

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