We are screwing love up!

We are screwing love up!!

Have you ever noticed that aha moments seem to come at the strangest times?  I was in the shower yesterday and it hit me.  We are screwing love up! 

  • I love working out!
  • I love food!
  • I love smoothies!
  • I love a cold pillow!
  • I love coffee!
  • I love the movie Titanic!

Sound familiar?  Or do you have other things you “LOVE”?  This is where I think we are screwing love up.   The definition of Love is “an intense feeling of deep affection”.  So if I look at my list above, do I have a deep affection towards working out? Not really.  Do I have a deep affection towards food?  I hope not!  Do I have a deep affection for smoothies?  NOPE!...  

It appears to me that we are using the word LOVE when we should be using ENJOY. The definition of enjoy is to “take delight or pleasure in”.  Do I take delight or pleasure in working out?  YEP, Do I take delight or pleasure in food? Sure!  Do I take delight in coffee?  Absolutely!

So, why is this a big deal?  Well, we are essentially devaluing love by how we reference things towards it.   This may very well be why some people will tell you they love you one minute and then leave you the next.  They use love when they should be using “enjoy”… As you go through your day, are you using Love when you should be using Enjoy to expect how you feel about something?  How is that affecting you?