Here is the truth, you are a champion and the quicker you get to believing it, the quicker you will see improved results in your performance.  I use this with most of my clients and for good reason.  It absolutely matters.  Research has proved that beyond a certain point, especially in long distance events, talent only takes you so far.  The rest is made up of hard work, commitment to goal setting, resilience and other things. Those things that make up champions

If I had to guess what you are thinking now, it’s that “YOU” can’t be a champion.  If you say that and believe it, you are right.  My question then is, “Why not?”.  It is not the word that matters as much as our personal meaning associated with champion.  As Jerry Lynch states, “…a champion is never something you become…ever.  It starts now by acting as a champion, committing yourself to practicing the habits and ways of a champion… on a daily basis.”  Joseph Campbell this is a hero’s journey, an “up-and-down, gain-and-loss odyssey of self-discovery as you become dedicated to exploring the unlimited boundaries of your full human potential, in athletics and life.”

Champions love what they do and have a purpose.  They are on a mission to see just how good they can become.  As Michael Bolton once said, “To look beyond the glory is the hardest part, for a champion’s strength is measured by heart.”   Champions focus on the process, not the outcome of events.  Champions know that outcomes do not make a person, its their heart, their commitment, their personal level of excellence within.  Champions fully understand what they can and can’t control.  Champions understand the need for a deeper more personal level of energy which brings intensity, excitement and joy instead of pressure, anxiety and tension.  Just remember, internal victories last a lifetime.  Its within you right now, go ahead... look in thr mirror and verbally tell yourself that you are a champion.. Because you are!

 As an athlete, I highly recommend reading  “The  Way of the Champion” by Jerry Lynch, Ph.D.  This book is absolutely amazing and should be something you reference as needed.