I'm Busy!

A quick google search for the word “busy” provide the following definition:

Actively and attentively engaged in work or a pastime:  (Dictionary.com)

Yep, that sounds about right.  One is busy when they are occupied with something.  The question that I have been going back and forth on is.. “How often do we use it more as an excuse than an explanation?”  Looking back retrospectively, how do you find yourself using this word?

I, under full disclosure, find that I have used “busy” incorrectly and unfairly.  I started debating this over the last few weeks only to find that as I evaluate how we use this word, we tend to use it out of avoidance.  Honestly, how much more vague can one get than “I’m busy”?

What I have started to consume and adapt to is the truth.  When we truly want to do something, we find time.  If one is too busy to make it to the gym, this potentially means, “I don’t want to go”.  The lack of interest in something can quickly cause someone to say “I’m busy!”.  Truth be told… how many times have you needed something from someone or asked someone to help with something only to hear “I’m busy” is probably unfathomable.

Now, some people are truly “busy”.  I would never negate the massive amount of work one puts out who is truly busy.  My thoughts are on those, including myself, who have used the word as a protective mechanism.  What we accept, we teach.  It appears that in today’s world, we accept “busy” as a final statement, as a word of safety.  I mean… who questions your level of “busy-ness” to your face?

It seems as if, outside of those who are truly busy, most end up using the word to avoid unpleasant situations or even some sort of responsibility and/or obligation.  So the next time someone tells you they are busy, I bet you are curious as to its meaning.

Problems can arise from using excuses as well as not being 100% honest.  I mean who would ever know, right?  Well, your mind knows and that is enough to cause problems from within.  Over time, it could become easier to make excuses instead of stepping up honestly.  In fact… in some situations, making an excuse like “I’m busy” can become debilitating, especially for those who might be depressed.

Honestly, I vote to remove this word… From this day forward, I am removing it from my vocabulary.  Are you in with me?