Cause and Effect

What do you do when you want to change a situation?  Let’s take for example, your teeth.  You go to the dentist and they inform you that you have cavities.  What do you do?  Right… of course, you have the cavities filled by your dentist.. That’s what most of us do.  The question is, is that "all" you should be doing? 

I’d like to present a different perspective on resolving and/or changing situations.

So how do we do this?

First we must change the way we see situations.  Most of the time, we try to manipulate or adjust the situation at hand however this doesn’t necessarily lead us to improvements.  Instead, I would like to ask you to break the situation down into “cause and effect”.

In the example above, the effect is cavities.  Working with the effect only is the equivalent to being reactive.  Instead of looking at the effect, how about looking at the cause.  For example, the cause of cavities could be inadequate brushing of your teeth and/or poor diet.  This is where proactivity can help eliminate/minimize the likelihood or potential of a situation.  Instead of only getting the cavities filled, focus on the cause.  Brush your teeth more consistently and take your time.  Make sure food doesn’t sit in your teeth for long periods of time and floss often.  By handling the cause, the effects are improved.

Life is no different.

  • When you get in an argument- that is actually the effect.  The cause?  This is most likely your thinking; how you are processing information.  What are you getting frustrated about? 
    • Instead of getting frustrated, breath... and relax.  To get a different result, you must change your thoughts
  • When you get fired, that is the effect.  The cause could be that you are notoriously late, or insubordinate or maybe the was a reduction in your workforce.
  • When you find that you can’t do something.  The effect is you end up not doing something.  The cause could be your belief that you can’t do it.

The power is in the cause.  The change comes from the way you see things and how you think (cause).  If you do not like the effect.  You can’t just change it..  Instead, change the cause to be positive and your effect will change as well.