After the successful launch of my best selling book "The High Performance Mindset", I sat down and developed THE HIGH PERFORMANCE MINDSET ACADEMY.    This is a 12 week program focusing on the education and application of the knowledge and tools within this book along with extra content and tools not covered within the book!

What do you get with the ACADEMY?

  • A safe place to increase your confidence and self-awareness while removing self-doubt, negativity, anxiety and depression
  • A confidential (Secret Facebook Group) community of bad-asses like yourself
  • FREE PDF copy of my #1 Best Seller “THE HIGH PERFORMANCE MINDSET”
  • Video’s and conversations to assist the application of proven tools within the book
  • The support to develop and master your mental skills from your peers and myself
  • Powerful and engaging connections with your peers and myself to help you along your journey
  • A minimum of 2 group coaching conference calls, per month, to discuss any topic you would like assistance with
  • The development of a HIGH PERFORMANCE MINDSET
  • Access to Additional Tools and worksheets
  • Online Access to Mindset Expert Craig Willard

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Each week, someone who is highly engaged within the group will be selected to receive a 1-to-1 coaching call for free.