Michael Kloosterman - Triathlete. Kona Qualifier

Tom Rehbeck - Champion!

I attended a recent speaking engagement at a running store. In attending, I hoped to learn some new metal skills to help with my training and racing. Craig was really engaging during the talk and stayed for a long time afterwards to answer everyone’s individual questions. Not only did I gain the new skills for triathlon that I’d hoped for, but I also learned some new skills that I have already been able to apply in everyday life. Thanks so much for your time, Craig!
— Kristen Hahn Schulz
Craig will teach you how to “focus” in athletics & life! When you just do what you do big changes happen. Trust in his process and you’ll handle race day and life better than ever!
— Nickie Luse - Pro Triathlete
I attended Craig Willard’s class on Servant Leadership. I really enjoyed the presentation that Mr. Willard conducted. He was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic in his class. I could tell this is truly his passion; to provide skills and education to leaders. I found myself listening to every word that he spoke due to that enthusiasm and the way he interacted with all of the leaders in the class. I love his motto : “ Demand The Impossible”. I believe that every organization should have their leaders attend this class. I’m looking forward to Mr. Willard conducting more training classes for all of our employees in the future.
— Betty Jo Readover, Human Resources Director
Leadership, to me, is about motivating people. Craig Willard provided practical methods for supervisors to use to become highly effective leaders and provided simple guidance on how to engage our employees. Our staff has greatly benefited from Mr. Willard’s leadership class and I would highly recommend him to any organization.
— Jennifer Wilson, Deputy County Judge Franklin County Fiscal Court
My mental sports coach, Craig Willard. I’ve only had a couple of sessions but he really helped me dig deep and break through a mental barrier I had with self-confidence. He taught me to focus on the positive, not the negative. I will never question myself again. I can do anything I put my mind to!!!
— Michelle McCulloch Kepley - Figure and Masters Figure Competitor
Craig from U-Discovered offers something very unique to his clients.
He is quick to identify areas that the client could benefit from improving - whether it be in race, training or day to day life conditions. He talks the client through how to make these positive changes happen, and most importantly, teaches the client how to take ownership for these changes. His passion for his work is very evident.
I love how Craig gives me the tools to go ahead and achieve my goals. Craig and his ability to release the mind to do what it is capable of, is absolutely a large component of my training as a professional athlete. Thank you Craig!
— Pro Triathlete and recorder holder Anna Cleaver
Craig is the bomb. I had terrible anxiety issues with a few things and always gave up. If It wasn’t for his method, I would of never went back to school for Personal Fitness Trainer and I would of never applied to a gym. Because of him I am 3 months away from becoming a certifed PFT and today went on my first interview and nailed the interview. This man is GREAT
— Stephen Dubois
Always helps me get past the “why?” in order to get to the “why not!”
— Mike Barnes
You will be hard pressed to find a more dynamic person to assist and guide athletes through the sometimes turbulent waters we encounter as athletes.
From his patience and understanding to the processes and results that you will experience, he is second to none!
There is a reason that age groupers and professional triathletes alike trust the training of their mind to Craig! Dedicate yourself to training your mind the way you train your body and the results you seek are yours for the taking!
— Jeremy Brown, Owner and Endurance Coach for Mind Right Multisport
I would have to say that meeting, talking with & listening to his pod-casts has basically helped me both in my personal & ‘athletic’ life. If YOU want to reach your full potential....Craig IS your guy!
— Robin Talamini Campbell, Triathlete
I spoke to Craig before an “A” Race a couple of weeks ago. I was extremely nervous (sick to my stomach) and starting to self doubt. I put a lot of pressure on myself, I always want to perform to the best of my ability and not doing so is were my nerves comes from, Craig spoke to me, gave me great advice, but also made me answer some of my own questions and doubts which really helped.
I started the conversation almost in tears with worry and left the conversation confident and with a purpose. He will certain get your ‪#‎MindRight‬
— R. Longley, Competitive Triathlete
Working with Craig Willard at u-discovered has been such a blessing for me. The timing was amazing. I’ve known Craig since he was a youngster, but wasn’t fully aware of what an accomplished listener and advisor he had become. Craig was remarkably supportive and compassionate yet skillfully adept at guiding me to focus on what I really wanted to accomplish. My personal and professional life was in need of key adjustments and I wasn’t focusing on the necessary changes until we broke it down together. I’ve been surprised after every session, thinking, “That certainly makes sense!” Looking back at the process, I am very pleased at how Craig walked me through the distractions and excuses to focus on key goals I wanted to accomplish and help me take steps to get there. I’m still amazed at how thinking objectively allowed me to make substantive changes in my life! I have left an unfulfilling job, understand what I really want in a relationship, and have made changes to put my financial goals in perspective. He was patient and took it one step at a time and although, I am still working on a few things, it no longer seems insurmountable now. If you are considering starting the coaching process, you will be inspired and excited after your first meeting with Craig Willard.
— Judge Barton
Craig is our partner Sports Psychologist at Mind Right Multisport, who has proven to be creative and successful in problem solving for our athletes mental hurdles in sport. He is reliable in his commitments, and overall consistent in meeting our expectations. He has provided excellent service all the way around to our athletes and helped them reach new heights in their performance. I would highly recommend any athlete seeking to improve their mental performance to talk to Craig.
— William Ritter - Director of Dealer Sales - Cobb Cycling, All American Athlete, Professional Coach
I was referred to speak to Craig through Mind Right Multisport. I was mentally struggling with negative thoughts inhibiting my focus and performance. From our first conversation, I felt very supported and truly listened to. Craig helped me see that my negative thoughts and performance anxiety were hampering my results in competition. He was able to help me refocus my thoughts before and during workouts into positive thoughts. We were able to outline multiple strategies to implement daily and before competitions. I felt energized and excited to get to the gym the next day to start working on my goals. I may still have negative thoughts and not expected performances, but with Craig’s strategies, I can accept that giving my best effort is good enough.
— Beth, Crossfit Competitor