The International Coaching Foundation commissioned a survey performed by PricewaterhouseCoopers.  This is what they found:

In terms of Productivity, Hiring a Professional Coach,

  1. 70% saw Increased Work Performance
  2. 61% saw Improved Business Management
  3. 57% saw Improved Time Management
  4. 51% saw Improved Team Effectiveness

In terms of People, Hiring a Professional Coach,

  1. 80% saw Improved Self-Confidence
  2. 73% saw Improved Relationships
  3. 72% saw Improved Communcation
  4. 67% saw Improved Life/Work Balance

In terms of Return on Investment,

  • 86% of individuals using a coach made their investment back and more through learning and clarity.

In terms of Satisfied Clients,

  1. 99% of Companies and Individuals were "Somewhat" or "Very Satisfied" with overall experience
  2. 96% of Individuals would repeat the process.

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