#MindRightMonday Race Day Anxieties

Here it is, Race Day! Your anxieties are at an all time high. Your palms are sweaty.   You are nervous.  Your heart is starting to race.  Your thoughts are uncontrollable and you are just a down right mess! Unfortunately, this may lead you to question your preparation and your ability to perform as you want. This stress can and most likely will lead to lower performance.

What can you do about it?

Instead of thinking about this feeling as anxiety, think of it as excitement. Jump around a bit and literally, get excited! You have the capacity to swing the mental lever away from those anxious feelings and turn it into performance energy. You have trained for this moment, recognize your hard work in preparation.  Finally, you will validate all the hard work you have put into your preparation.

Remember Race Anxiety = Excitement.

Don't think about how hard it will be or if you have prepared enough. Think about how excited you are to be in your element. You are powerful beyond measure.  Race like you train, one step, one pedal, one stroke at a time. Remember your plan, stick to it and own it!

Remember this - The best athletes are not those who are just physically prepared.  The best athletes are mentally prepared as well.  In fact, mental preparation will set you apart from the others.  In the early 1980's, scientist found that mental conditioning is 300 times more effective than physical conditioning.  300 HUNDRED TIMES!!  Imagine a place where you can receive mental and physical conditioning!  How great would that be?  This is where Mind RIght Multisport thrives.  Come see the difference, the Mind Right Difference.  Click here!