#MindRightMonday Race Anxieties

The power of belief is incredible. From our beliefs, we can break down barriers and roadblocks that have limited our ability to be great. Think of the Roger Bannaster story. At the same time, ungodly expectations we set upon ourselves can create anxieties strong enough to limit our performance and hinder growth and drive negative self-talk. Believe in your training, believe in your plan and race like you train. Practice does not make perfect, practice makes habit. Therefore, it is critical to make the right habits. This can reduce race anxieties and help you create better outcomes. Be prepared, a lack of preparation will certainly turn up anxieties at the worst time. This includes meals, sleep, meditation, and anything else you need. At the same time, life if fluid, always in motion. Things do not always go as planned and sometimes the unexpected can happen. Plan extra time in your schedule to absorb any delays, keep quality food with you just in case you can’t get to your meal in time. When the unexpected arrives, handle it as a challenge instead of a barrier. Remember, you have trained for this moment, you ARE prepared, you have a plan! Be challenged and step up to the plate when adversity strikes. Think of how you will feel when you cross that finish line. You will look back and say “ I OWNED THIS!”

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