#MindRightMonday Moving from Good to Great

10 tips that will take you from good to great!

  1. Mind Right
    • Nothing is more important than your mind. Do not worry with what you did or didn’t do before today nor dwell on what is coming ahead. Focus on the moment; this is what separates the good from the great.  Great athletes know they can't change the past however they have massive influence on the moment.
  2. Purpose
    • Anyone can be good at something but to be great? You must have a purpose. Why are you racing, why are you doing this? You need a reason to get out of bed and train.  A strong purpose will give you the power to train on days you really don't want to!  If you do not have a purpose, find one that is meaningful and watch your performance go from good to great.
  3. Adversity
    • To those who are good, adversity is an obstacle/barrier. To those who are great, adversity becomes opportunity. Adversity is just another challenge you get overcome an O does the victory taste sweeter!
  4. Mind Right
    • Did we talk about this already? Your mind is the gateway to your greatness. Learn to use your mind to your advantage instead of a limiter.  Champions were once novice however they had a belief they would be great.  The power of belief is very strong.  Believe you can do it and you will.  Believe that you can't do it and you will prove yourself right.
  5. Confidence
    • To be good is to have some doubt in yourself. To be great, you are confident in who you are and know that you will meet all opportunities with open arms. Welcome adversity! To be alive is to have problems. Embrace them and carry on, this is the only path to greatness!
  6. Trust your training
    • Rome wasn't built in a day. This is true for your training too. One bad day or even a few will not cause you to be unsuccessful, unless you allow it to. Your mind doesn't need the baggage. Bad day? Guess what? You are human, it happens. Miss a day? Don’t worry about it. Great athletes trust their training and don’t get all bent up out of shape over a missed workout.
  7. Mind Right
    • Yep, still talking about it. Good athletes allow the words of others to negate their ability. Good Athletes are bothered by anxiety, Great athletes turn anxiety into excitement because of the opportunity ahead to validate your ability.
  8. Rest
    • Your rest days are there for a reason, you need them to ensure adequate recovery mentally and physically. Good tries to use rest days to get a missed workout day back.  Great athletes know and respect the value of rest days.
  9. Celebrate
    • Good Athletes question their results, Great athletes celebrate their successes.  Do you have a board where you note all of your successes?   You should!  When you are having a less than motivated day, you can go right back to your success wall and see just how far you have come.
  10. Mind Right
    • Yep, again!! What you focus on you create, be it the negative self talk or the thought that you may not do well. If you don’t want to do well, think about it and watch your mind great it right before your eyes. Believe you can do it and you will prove yourself right. It all starts and ends with the mind. Get it right and be great!


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