#MINDRIGHTMONDAY Define your Destiny

Your thoughts will become your words. Your words will become your actions. Your actions will become your habits. Your habits will become your character. Your character will define your destiny.
— Ghandi

Have you ever thought about your destiny?  That, predetermined path in your life? I know I have, I often think about things like this to help spark new creativity, to take me down a road I’ve never experienced before.  As I thought about this last night, I quickly realized this would be a great topic to cover for my Monday blog post.

What if I tell you there is one defining sentence that will show your destiny?  Would you believe me?  This one sentence is like looking into the future.  It is raw and powerful!  That one sentence would be…

“I AM _____________________!”

If you want to know where you are headed… or ….where you are not.. Take a sheet of paper and on each line, write “I AM.. followed by a statement about yourself”  Continue down the sheet by writing as many as you possibly can come up with.

What you have just written is your destiny.  No, Seriously!  It is!  If you wrote things like “I am a terrible runner”, “ I am horrible at swimming”… you will certainly be that and self-sabotage to ensure its accuracy.  The reason we do this is that our minds, like that asshole you work with, always wants to be right.  When we make “I AM..” statements, we are telling our minds what it should expect and because our mind always wants to be right, it is not going to let you do anything else.

The great thing about our destiny is that we can rewrite it… this VERY minute!  Do you want to change your predetermined path in life?  Of course you do!  How do you do it?  Change your thoughts! …here is how.

Take an additional piece of paper and for every negative comment you wrote on the first one, write “ I am… (something positive).” 

For example… 

I am a terrible runner” is changed to “I run better than many and strive for excellence in my training to be a better runner every day

I am horrible at swimming” is changed to “I am a good swimmer taking it to the next level through my commitment to my training

Once you complete the new list of positive affirmations, read them to yourself every morning (out loud), at lunch and right before you go to bed.  BELIEVE the new statements and you will CREATE them!  It is time to change your destiny and it starts… RIGHT…NOW!

This will lead to an increase in your peformance and your overall happiness! If after this exercise, you are still struggling, feel free to email me at craigwillard@u-discovered.com or call me at 502-771-0721.  We can discuss taking a deeper dive so that you Demand the Impossible and break those chains of limiting beliefs!