#MindRightMonday Are your beliefs good for you?

What do you think the keys to your success are?  Thank about it for a minute.  Would you offer commitment, persistent, maybe handwork as the keys to your success?  That sounds about right however Eduardo Briceno states, these are merely bi-products of something else.... Belief!

Let me tell you a story about an elephant...

There was an elephant at a circus that was always chained to a pole. This pole was very small and was hardly shoved into the ground.  As an infant, he tried to break away several times but was not strong enough to do so. Over time though, he grew to become monstrous. One day, something bad happened.  The circus area accidentally caught fire, the elephant was unable to escape and unfortunately died. But why?  He was enormous, and could have easily ripped the pole out of the ground and run away to safety.  The problem was there was a self-limiting belief from when he was younger than he was unable to break free from the poll and so he didn't move.  The elephant accepted his weakness and submitted to his destiny. This enormous and powerful elephant we can see in the circus is not running away because the poor animal thinks he can’t. The memory of the weakness he felt shortly after his birth is forever engraved in his mind. And the worst thing is that he never seriously questioned  this memory. He never tried to test his strength…

This is a sad story however you might just be able to relate.. The power of belief is so incredibly strong. We have all been the elephant at some point in time.  It's just how it is, right? We live our life chained to the beliefs that have removed our true freedom and abilities!  Beliefs like this make us say "I CAN'T" because at one point in our life, we couldn't or we tried and didn't succeed.  

So, what is that chain and stick to you?  

Maybe that you were slow, that you were too weak or that you were not smart enough to figure something out?  Did someone tell you that you were an average athlete?  If you were told things like that, it is possible that you still believe them to be true.  Are you ok with that?  Is it working out for you?  Not likely, remember.. if you don't believe in yourself, how can anyone else?

Here is what I offer... Instead of living within the boundaries we have set up through our beliefs,  break through the belief chains attached to you.. Say to yourself "I CAN do anything I set my mind to!!" with all your power and from deep within your soul!  You can also reach out to a Mind Right Multisport Coach who can help you along the way!!...Are you ready? LETS DO IT!!!