Men are not supposed to show emotion?

Men are supposed to be fearless and strong, they are not supposed to be weak, show emotion or appear vulnerable.  We have all heard it.. Men don’t cry nor should they be shy.  Men are Warriors DAMNIT!! I see this every day, men afraid to show emotion.  Instead, they stick their chest out , roll their shoulders back and stand tall and strong and hiding their emotions! Right?   I might be in the minority, this wouldn’t be the first time, however I kind of have an issue with these expectations. 

I had the pleasure of being raised by a very strong mother who taught me, maybe not on purpose, about the power of emotions and love.  I grew up holding my mothers hand, even as I began high school.  I was taught to express emotion and that it was healthy.  I spent years being “hard” though! Society tells us guys are supposed to be this way! It wasn't until later in life that my life drastically change.  I began to feel the pain of holding my emotions in, it was like caging a lion.  That was the point I gave myself permission to be strong, not only in “manly” ways but also strong enough to be ok with showing my emotions.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  Sad movies tear me up.  Movies like "The Pursuit of Happiness" get me every time.  It is amazing how much more alive I feel by experiencing a range of emotions.  

Spend 5 minutes with me around my daughter and you will see a plethora of emotion, love and vulnerability … the list goes on.  While I understand the Roman times and how men were the protectors, this doesn’t mean that we can’t show emotion.  Some men will say, “I give tough love!”, in their manly voice.  I see so many men afraid to show their soft side as if it is a weakness.  In fact, I would venture to say that not showing ones soft side is an actual weakness.  And lets be honest, men hide them all the time.  The fear of being judged as soft or weak limits men who want to show their emotions from actually showing them.  Don't fear it... Strength comes from understanding that even men are emotional creatures and the suppression of those emotions can be far more dangerous than allowing them to freely roam. 

So what is it I am say?  Men need to show emotions.  Men need to express love and be vulnerability.  Men drop tears, its powerful and shouldn't be held back.  Men need to express love to their spouse and children and anyone else they love, even their friends.  Stop living the expectations of what people have set for men and live your own.  There is even research that states when people show their emotions, they get over them quicker....  The world does need more warriors... this world needs more love!  Be a MAN and show your emotions!