Keep Going!

Here we are, 67 days until spring. Can you believe it? We are half way through winter. If you are like most people, the cold months with shorter days tend to keep us indoors and out of the sun. Did you know…when we do not receive enough sunlight, our mood is significantly affected by a lack of Vitamin D we receive from the sun?  During these slow months, it is very important to make sure you are supplementing your intake of vitamin D to counter the lack of sunlight.

So what is on your plate right now? Are you planning for a marathon in the summer or a triathlon in the spring. Do you have some activity, competition or event that you are planning/preparing for in the next 6-8 months?  It's winter, it is cold and gets dark early, are you are struggling with the drive or motivation to move forward and continue to progress? This is the time of year where you need to keep your head in the game. You MUST keep your foot on the THROTTLE to keep up with your plan, you are planning right? Without a plan, it is just a dream.  Plans at this state are critical to keeping the Momentum which slows when you lift off the gas or hit the brake. By letting off the gas or hitting the brake you are telling yourself, subconsciously, that you are ok with doing something less than you are capable of. Are you ok with that?

Don’t settle during the long winter months. Keep the momentum going.. DON’T STOP! Know your goal.. look at it every day and remind yourself that pushing through during the tough months creates successes that are not obtainable when you are not putting in the needed effort during the slow months. Have the patience to keep going, just because you do not see the progress in the winter doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Even if you are base training without all the glamor of big time workouts.. Don’t let your self talk tell you its not of value..
These cold months are going to test your commitment, your hard work and dedication. These are the months that define your success! These are the months where you prove you have it in you. Where you separate yourself from the others.  It’s time to test your willpower, your HEART! Do you have what it takes? Everyone wants to be a lion until you have to do what lions do… So, let me ask you.. are you willing to do what lion do?