The intersection of Dreams and Reality

Take a minute, close your eyes and visualize your dreams.  Think about what they look like and how they make you feel.  Now, visualize the path you should take to get there.

As you open your eyes, look at your life, are you aligned with your dreams?  If not, what path are you on? If you are not heading towards your dreams guess where you are heading? Towards someone else’s dreams.   It is time to stop living the story of your past and start writing the story of your future.  Every minute you are writing your history.  If someone were to pick up your biography, What would you want it to say about you?  Would you want it to say that you you didn’t live your dreams?  There is no time better than now to take control of your destiny and drive your dreams to reality!

How, you may ask?

It is simple, set goals that put you on the right path to make your dreams a reality!  If you are not familiar with how to set goals successfully,  sign up for my newsletter and you can receive my e-book on setting goals for free.  Here is the truth, if you don’t make your dreams a reality; you are going to take them to the grave with you.  Do you know how many people have taken their dreams with them to the grave?  A lot? Know why?  Because setting goals and meeting them is hard. After all, it should be.  Lets be honest, if easy goals allow you to reach your dreams, you are selling yourself short.

Your dreams will inspire you.  Your goal is the vehicle to get you there, that change your life. Goals will absolutely make your dreams reality.  If you are passionate for your dreams, you will make it happen, nothing will stop you.  Your path will bring obstacles and life will try tirelessly to get in your way. Remind yourself often of your dreams, your plans, and how it made you feel.  Dig your heals in and push through those tough moments, life is not easy.  Don’t stop until you get there.  People will tell you it’s impossible, yet what others have to say about your dreams is NONE of your business.  They are YOUR dreams!  Truthfully, No one cares as much as you do about dreams, if at all. 

The difference between you and the next person?  When it get hard, they will fall back to their comfort zone and take the easy way out...but you?  You know that you must push through your comfort zone to reach your dreams.  You know it’s easy to be a victim and you will not stand for that.  You are in fact, in total control.  Instead, you are not going to let anyone stop you. Your destiny is your dream. You own it and you create it. 

Seriously, going after your dreams will challenge you more than you know.  You may not make it your first time or even your second.  Success still comes from failure and every time you fail you will learn how to go further the next time.  Be disciplined and driven to turn your your dreams into reality.  Even when you have a bad day, your dreams are worth the effort. Push through!  Write down your goals to where you can see them every day.  To improve your opportunity for success, evaluate everything you do against your goals.  If they do not help you get there, they will only distract you and keep you away from your dream.

 Like the lion and the gazelle…   The gazelle lives its whole life running from the lion just to stay alive while the lion lives its hold life running after the Gazelle-to survive.  Which are you?  The lion or the Gazelle, are you running after your dreams or run from them?