The SECRET about Self Control and WILLPOWER

Having a hard time saying “No” to that Molten Chocolate Cake knowing you are on a diet?  Do you question your self control and/or will power?  Are you that person that says “ I don’t have any” and essentially give in?  A study presented by The Wall Street Journal suggests that you should know your vices and then avoid situations where you have to worry about Self Control and/or Willpower.  This is the key to highly disciplined people.  They reduce or remove their exposure to what temps them.  The Wall Street Journal labels this “proactive avoidance”.

If you know the Molten Chocolate Cake is your vice, don’t eat at Chili’s.  If you know ice cream is a weakness, don’t go down that isle.  If you know you struggle with saying no to things when you shop, don’t go.  When you need to go, take someone as an accountability partner. 

If you know a certain drive home is slower at 5pm because of rush hour traffic, you make a choice to avoid that route.  There is no difference when it comes to things you struggle with.  Instead of testing your willpower or your self control, simple avoid it.