Are you Stuck in a Rut?

Are you stuck in a rut? 

Feel like you can’t get out? 

Do you know why you are stuck in the rut in the first place?  Lets think of yourself as a 4x4 truck driving along a dirt path. Lets call this path “Life”.  All of the sudden, you find yourself going down the same path, over and over again.  You know that feeling, right?  Every time you drive the path, the tire tracks keep getting deeper and deeper and deeper. Eventually, you take this path so many times that the tire tricks have become too deep.  You begin to start bottoming out because the tire tracks are too deep, the ground in the middle had stopped you.  This is when you are STUCK IN A RUT.

We tend to continue to go the same path over and over again.  Life does this without us even thinking about it.  We are pattern seekers looking for familiarity to reduce our anxieties. When things are familiar know the outcome before it happens.  Like a child who watches the same show 100 times, they already know the outcome.  When you know the outcome, you don’t become anxious.  The problem here is that what is often familiar is not often good for us.  So how do you get out of a RUT?

  1. Acceptance
    • Accept that you are here because of the choices (the path) you took.  When you accept responsibility, you can now take control.  Because you chose this path, you have the ability to NOT choose it again.  Take a new path instead.
  2. Turn off your auto pilot
    • When you turn off the autopilot, your subconscious, you can begin to manually change your course.  Just like a plane, your change in course must be not so fast that you upset the airplane (known as anxiety).
  3. THINK
    • What we focus on, we create.  Think about what you really want!  Do not focus on what you don’t want as you will only find more of what you don’t want.  Think only about where you want to go or what you want out of life.  Visualize what it will be like and how it will feel once you get there.
  4. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals
    • Utilize the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting.  Once you realize you really want something different than what you are currently getting.  Check out my free book here.
  5. Take Action
    • The wining shot in basketball can’t be made if the shot is never taken.  Your chances immediately increase significantly once you take action.  Everyone gets in ruts.  The deference between those who stay in a rut vs those who get out is ACTION.
  6. Mind over Matter
    • You will only do what you “think” you can do if you don’t push or stretch yourself.  Arnold Schwarzenegger would not have won bodybuilding competitions if he only lifted the easy weights.  You must push yourself to places you’ve never been in order to get to places you have never been.  Doing the same thing you have always done will get you nothing but what you have always gotten.

Look at your life, it’s your story.  You are the producer of “your story”.  Look at your plan, your strategy to make sure you are writing a smash hit.  You only have one life to life, it is time to act… to say YES to your potential.  It doesn’t matter what happens to you, what matters is what you do about it.  There are really no outliers, there are people who ACT and there are people who do NOT, which one will you be?