I often tell a story that goes like this..

“I was talking to a friend about fitness.  He noted that he could not run well nor very fast.  I looked at him and said.. Imagine standing on a street corner at an intersection.  On another corner of that intersection, I have a caged animal that has a hunger for humans.  You get a 10 second head start before I open the cage.  What are you going to do?  He said, RUN LIKE HELL, LIKE I'VE NEVER RAN BEFORE.”

You see, we can actually accomplish more than we truly think we can.  In this story, my friend wanted to LIVE more than he wanted to DIE.  It wasn’t an option, he was going to live.  The problem lies in the fact that we live our lives as if we have a fallback plan.  This is why there is no power in saying “I will TRY.”  To try means you are preparing yourself to fail just in case you don’t succeed.  We fail to push our limits because its not killing us to sit here.  We die with our dreams because we don’t put a requirement on our dreams to live it.  We can’t get what we want by holding on to what we have including our past beliefs of our inability to do amazing things.  Our past limits us yet it is our past is only a picture of that moment on NOW we WERE in, a snap shot of how you dealt with your “NOW.”

Truth – The future does not exist, the past no longer exists.  All we really have it the present.  Life is always about the NOW.  The past is only a recording what you did in the NOW.  With that said..  It is time to RUN LIKE HELL and do things that are outside of your comfort zone.  To push your limits and the time is NOW.

If you are not living, you are dying.  Research has proven that if we are not building our bodies with exercise, we are deteriorating.  Research has also proven that if we do not exercise our brain by stretching its capacity our brains deteriorate.

So what are you going to do? Are you LIVING or are you DYING…?  Get out there and push past your comfort zone.  Do things you have never done to get things you have never had!  The power is within you.  Your time is limited to the present moment, THE NOW!  Nothing else is guaranteed!  Better make it count!