It is your Choice!

Living life to the fullest simply put, is living a happy life.  Everything is easier when we are happy, wouldn't you agree?  Yet, many of us

  • CHOOSE to live in unhappy circumstances,
  • CHOOSE to date/marry people who treat us bad,
  • CHOOSE to work in positions that limit our happiness,
  • CHOOSE to live a life of FEAR and WORRY.

Notice I used “CHOOSE” as living this way is a choice.  Why do we do these things?  Here is one thought.. Ever wonder while a child can watch the same show over and over again, heck, you may still do it as an adult.  Did you know we have a subconscious desire to find patterns in life, to know what is coming next?  We feel more at ease (even though we are not) when we stick within the pattern.  Maybe you recognize the people you date are like your parents, this too is a pattern and something we tend to fall back to.  The key to happiness is recognition of the patterns which present unhappiness, the old story, and unlocking it.  Once unlocked, you can generate a new story, one of happiness.

A Happier you is a Healthier you!  One that lives longer, is more creative and productive!! There is no better moment than now.  If you don’t take control of your happiness, who will?

What you need to do!

Focus on doing the things below and happiness will find YOU!

  • CHOOSE to love YOURSELF!
  • CHOOSE to invest in YOURSELF! – If you struggle, reach out to a Coach or Therapist,
  • CHOOSE to not worry what others think of you,
  • CHOOSE to not compare yourself to others, in their looks or successes,
  • CHOOSE to not dwell on the past ( IT IS OVER!)
  • CHOOSE to Live in the moment, tomorrow is not guaranteed,
  • CHOOSE to not feel sorry for yourself – accept where you are and make a plan to move forward in a different direction,
  • CHOOSE to evaluate your friends, if the top 5 people you hang out with are unhappy.. guess what you will continue to be?  Find happy friends.
  • CHOOSE to forgive those who have wronged you.  Trust me, this takes the load off you Immediately!

  • CHOOSE to give to others, and be happy..