Happiness Breeds Success..

..not the other way around.

Did you know –  Sean Anchor states that only 25% of your Job Success is predicted by your IQ?  Interesting huh?  How about this, the other 75% is predicted by your level of optimism, social support and ability to see stress as a challenge instead of a threat.   Simply put, if you want to be more successful in your job, positivity will take you further than your intelligence will.  Want to breed more fulfilling success?  For some people, shifting from negativity to positivity is extremely hard.  Here are a few actions that can help you make a very important shift in your life, a positive one!

  1. Grateful
    • Each day for the next 21 days, write down three new things you are grateful for.  Do this every day!  What you will end up doing is training your brain to scan for positive things in life vs the negative things.
  2. Journal
    • Each day, write about one positive experience you have had within the last 24 hours.  This will allow you to relive that experience.
  3. Exercise
    • Exercise is not only great for your body, it is also great for your mind.  Exercising teaches your brain that behavior actually does matters.  In fact, behavior and habits matter more than any goal you can set.  If you don’t set the right habits or behaviors, you will not meet the goals you want to meet.
  4. Meditation
    • FOCUS!  Mediation allows your brain to get over the cultural ADHD we have created in trying to do multiple things at once.  Meditation allows you to focus on the task at hand!
  5. Random Acts of Kindness
    • Open up your inbox and write an email praising or thanking someone.  Send someone a card of appreciation.  Open the door for strangers.  It’s the unexpected things in life that will bring a smile to those receiving your random act of kindness as well as your own.

By doing this, you will train your brain to become happier by looking at the positive things in life.  For more information, check out Sean Anchor’s book “The Happiness Advantage