Happiness.... NOW!


Over time, we can develop beliefs that our life "will" get better once we have kids, get married or land that dream job.  Have you ever said, " I will be happy when I am rich and successful"  or "...when I get that new car!".  While each of these can potentially improve happiness short term, your attitude towards them can change.  I know plenty of people who are unhappy.  Some have children, some are married, have a plethora of money and even their dream job.  What psychology tells us is that Happiness doesn't come from the outside, it comes from deep within.  What I means is that in order to find happiness, you must look deep within yourself.  What are you doing that is making you unhappy?  Do less of this!  What goal or dream are you not pursuing?  Go get them!  Are you hanging around Negative Nancys?  Get away from them!  Statistics show we are happier around happy people.  

Lets be honest, to be happy or unhappy is truly your choice, one in which you are in total control of.  Be thankful for what you have instead of dwelling on what you don't have.  Learn to live a life of bliss and find your purpose!

The real world comes with challenges every day, being happy doesn't mean you have to be blind to those challenges, in fact, happiness brings a focus to the greatness around us.  Happiness will help you work work through the challenges in a positive manner.  Did you know happiness is contagious?

A waterfall started with a single drop and grew to be something that memorizes people.  Happiness can do the same thing and it starts with you!  Be that rain drop to those around you.  You can make a difference in this world,  yes you.  Just ask Rosa Parks how powerful one person can be.

It is time to act, promise yourself that from now one, stop waiting
until you get a new job
until you lose weight
until you gain weight
until you get married
until it gets warmer
until the sun comes out
and Most importantly.. Until TOMORROW.. 

For every minute you live unhappy, that's another minute you ACCEPT being unhappy.  This is your life!  It is that time... Time to TAKE CONTROL!

Spread love, joy and happiness.  Be grateful for what we have and I promise you, the world will become a different place!

"No one can take your happiness without your permission"