Are your goals Meaningful?


Happiness, Success, Goals, Purpose, Passion, Drive, Motivation... This is just a number of POWER words we use at any given time to reference what is needed for better life.  It seems like everyone and their two friends have written books that line the self help section with ways to improve your being through a more meaningful life.

One thing that most, if not all, of these books have in common is the discussion of GOALS.  We do need goals to help direct us and habits/behaviors in which help us reach our goals.  Like a boat in the middle of the ocean, you can simply float through life, allowing the current (our surroundings) to take us where ever they chose or we can set goals to direct us to a certain destination.  Goals are a staple in improving your life however all goals are not equal.

A farmer had a dog who used to sit by the roadside waiting for vehicles to come around. As soon as one came he would run down the road, barking and trying to overtake it. One day a neighbor asked the farmer “Do you think your dog is ever going to catch a car?” The farmer replied, “That is not what bothers me. What bothers me is what he would do if he ever caught one.”*

When evaluating your goals, make sure they align with your internal motivators instead of external motivators.  Ask yourself -  If I reach this goal, will it make me a better person?  Will it improve the quality of my life (internal) and does it align with my bigger goals?  Don't be like the farmer's dog chasing a meaningless goal.   If the answer to the questions above is YES, GREAT! I applaud you.  If the answer is no, try to dig a bit deeper for goals that are meaningful.  You can also check out my free book here on setting goals.


*Origin of Farmer and dog story is unknown