You are Beautiful!

A survey of over 45,000 women found that almost 60% said they 'hated' the way they looked.  That is approximately 27,000 women.  The survey also found that about 35% were moderately happy and only 4% were happy with the way they looked.

The largest complaint was losing weight and/or toning up.  34% said social situations made them body shy and 23% felt shy about sunbathing.  40% said they constantly worried about their bodies while 25% said their body bothered them most when they shopped for clothing's.

Folks, these numbers are mind boggling.  Over 50% of the women surveyed say they would go under the knife to fix their body  Sheila Shang, of AOL, said "

We are living in a world obsessed by fad dieting, celebrity makeovers and image."  

"So it's not surprising that people set themselves such high standards that can sometimes be unrealistic."

"Don't look at me!"  "I look horrible!" "I don't look good in a bathing suit". These are many of the things I have personally heard myself and I can't tell you how sad it makes me, especially as a parent.  It is mind blowing what the media, as well as, men and women have done to women mentally.  Magazines display women in a flawless state however these images are generally edited for what they feel is perfection. Women judge other women oftentimes by their looks and men expect you to look like the cover of a magazine.  Watch this video...

"Once someone else has done your makeup, and someone else had do your hair, and someone's directed the way your body looks, and taken away your imperfections, then there is not much left of who you really are…. I feel like it doesn't even look like me…  Why would you want to make someone different?"

To the women who represent the statistics above, you are beautiful and you are unique.  Understand that perfection is nothing more than a state of mind.  Like happiness, the pursuit for perfection or beauty comes from within.  As Christina Aguilera said " you beautiful no matter what they say, words can't bring you down"… Unless you let them.

If your boyfriend or husband tells you that you are unattractive or fat, you will probably believe it.. Don't!! He doesn't deserve you and you deserve better.  If your friends are jealous or make fun of you, find new friends…. Trust me, you are more beautiful than you think! 

Some time ago, I ran across a Dove commercial where a sketch artist sat behind a curtain.  On the other side was a woman who was describing herself.  You can find the video below.  In this example, her name is Florence. After the sketch artist finished with Florence, a random stranger, who was asked to spend a little time with Florence was asked to sit down.  This sketch artist asked her to describe Florence to her. The result is below….

We are (men and women) our own worst critic and see things within ourselves that others clearly don't.  Our imperfections make us/you unique and special, not ugly and unwanted.

So women - Know you are beautiful, know that you don't have to look like something out of a magazine to get the love you deserve.  If you feel you have to, you need to get rid of the guy you are with.  Know that a confident woman, no matter her size or look, is far more attractive to men you should be looking for.  Remember, people can not make you feel bad about your looks or take your happiness away without your permission.  Don't give them permission!!!  As we get older, our looks change.. Find a way to spend more of your time loving life and those who love you than spending on the pursuit of someone else's expectation!

Men - If you tell your woman she is fat or unattractive, stop being an asshole.  Even when joking, they think you are serious.  It is never ok! I've learned the hard way,  Don't joke or even mention how she looks except to tell her she is beautiful.  As I mentioned in a prior post.. be the man you want your daughter to marry.  Do you want your daughter to marry a man that makes her feel bad about her looks? For those men out there that tell the woman beside them they are beautiful and do it often. Thank you!  I know she is happier for it!  

Just remember ladies, you are beautiful just the way you are.  You are unique and you are special.  If anyone tells you different.. Get them out of your life and find people who love you for who you are!  The next time someone ask you to take a picture, don't shy away or say you look horrible, take the picture and smile! :)