The world is a reflection

The world as we see it, is a reflection of ourselves.

Did you know that positive thinkers are not as common as negative thinkers.  For negative thinkers, positive thinking requires effort while negative thinking doesn't even knock on the door, it barges in. Both positive and negative thinking is a bi-product of our environment, education and upbringing.

“If you have been brought up in a happy and positive atmosphere, there is more probability that it will be easier for you to think positively. However, If you have been brought up under poor or difficult situations, you will more probably be attracted to negative thinking.” said Remez Sasson

The world as you see it, is a reflection of ourselves.  If I am a negative thinker, my life and the situations I get myself into will most likely mirror that.  If I believe I will not be successful, there is a good chance I will sabotage every chance to succeed.  If meeting people or having relationships is something one fears, that person will do everything in their power to avoid those situations while complaining they are not loved and lonely.

Do you fear failing or are you worried about bad things happening to you?  Do you find that you are stuck in life and unable to improve or think you do not deserve happiness?  If so, there is a strong possibility that you are closing yourself off to opportunities and that you behave or react in such as way that will keep opportunities and people away from you.

Media doesn't help us any here.  I often say the only good that comes from the nightly news is “good evening” and “good night”.  By occupying our time with negative thoughts, we accept that as the standard.

The good news?  If you are a negative thinker, you can change your mental attitude, it will take work, here are some simple tips to help you overcome negative thinking.

1. Every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, replace the thought with a positive one.
2. If you catch yourself visualizing failure, visualize success instead.
3. If you hear yourself using negative words in your conversation, switch to positive words.
4. Instead of saying, "I cannot", say, "I can". Most of the time you can, but choose to say "cannot", due to fear, laziness or lack of self esteem.
5. Do you repeat negative words and phrases in your mind? Change them to positive ones. Yes, this requires you to be more alert, and to expend some effort, but you want to change negative thinking into positive thinking, don't you?
6. Allow more positive attitude into your life. Have more faith in yourself and expect positive results. Affirmations and visualization can take you a long way in this direction.
7. Decide that from today, from this very moment, you are leaving negative thinking behind you, and starting on the way toward positive thinking and behavior.



You can find more from Remez Sasson with his book here