Dreams are what you want, goals will get you there…

Once you make the decision to go, you “must” stick with it, as if your life depended upon it.  If you don’t meet your goals you will ultimately fail at your larger goals, your dreams.  There is never a convenient time to start.  Life is busy, if you don’t have that mind set that gets you moving, something (actually anything) will stop you.. it will be there EVERY SINGLE Day, in your face.  The ones who are successful, maybe you feel like they are “of a different breed”.  They really are not of a different breed, the difference is, they have mastered consistency.  Lets be honest, no one wants you to succeed, well besides your family. Your brain doesn’t even want you to success.  Why? Because the only job your brain has is to keep you alive and perpetuate our species.  That’s it.  As Cherie DiNia said, Your brain asks only 3 questions.  1. Will whatever is in front of me EAT ME? 2. Can I EAT IT and 3. Can I have sex with it.  Our brains do a plethora of things automatically like breathing.  The problem is, we allow our brain to construct our lives around avoiding being eaten.

The reason we get stuck is because our brain is scanning everything to make sure we don’t get eaten. Many, many years ago, our ancestors had to watch out for tigers and other animals that could kill us.  If we die, we can’t do anything else beyond that point.  Nowadays, the threats are more psychological.

How do we get out of this system? You must mentally break through it.  Write down your dreams so you can make them real.  Find 3 goals that will help you reach that dream.  With everything that comes at you, weigh them against those 3 goals.  If they go against them, don’t do it.   You are hard wired to just make it, to get by.  This is why it is so easy to make excuses.    Stop living the default life that is trying to protect you from getting eaten.

Your brain will trick you!  You are your own worst enemy.  It only wants to keep you alive. It doesn’t care about your dreams.  You can accomplish anything you want..if you WANT to do it.  You must remove the limitations our mind builds to get to the other side.  Focus on those 3 goals that will help you reach your dream.  Think about the small tasks that are needed for each goal and get them done.  No one wants to hear that.  Success is a bunch of simple little tasks.  Like an elephant, looking at the whole elephant is overwhelming but if you look at a small part first.. things become VERY doable.

You tell yourself you are tired and you don’t want to do it.  Ok, so… how are you going to live your dreams? There are graveyards full of great ideas, inventions and whatnot.  Imagine if Martin Luther King didn’t go against all odds to do what he did, or what about that seat on the bus. 

Seriously!  Don’t sell yourself short..  setting goals too low is a tragedy.  What good is setting goals that are not high enough to reach your dreams? You can do great things.  You don’t have to reject your dreams, by doing so, you make a choice to take it to the grave with you.  Why?  Setting goals easily obtainable and achievable them will allow you to be content because you will not feel true failure because you accomplished it however you will not achieve what you are  actually capable of.  

Don’t allow what you feel is possible to hold you back from trying things beyond.  Where ever you are, you are exactly where your actions have got you.  Because of the past, you are exactly where you deserve to be.  It is so much easier not to drive for something great, to sit back and let your mind autopilot your life and avoid getting eaten.  It’s so much easier to stay within your comfort zone.

In life, no one can take anything away from you.  This means you don't have anything except your experiences, your abilities and whatever you have learned.  All you have is what is inside of you.   You grow what is inside you is by pushing yourself and challenging yourself to be better.  You have to stress your body and mind to be reach the next level.  Ask any professional, they will tell you.. its not easy, its hard.  That’s is what separates the good from the GREAT!

Every time you make the right the decision you will achieve something.  When you make the easy decision, it may be fun but it will not get you to your dream.  The path to victory is not the path of pleasure.  What you need to do to succeed is not always fun, if it were, everyone else would do it.  It is hard.  The fruits of your labor are at the end, can you hold it together long enough to see it?

OR..Take the easy way out, its easier, Right?  If your goals are met this way, then your goals are not high enough.  It’s a choice, the right decision or the easy decision.  It’s a choice, do what everyone is doing or make the right choice and go after your dreams.  What you will learn in the process is more than anyone could ever understand.

So how to get motivated.. Disciple and intent.  The discipline will make you do certain things on a regular basis.  To get to true greatness, you must have a purpose.  Define your dreams clearly.  Allow it to inspire you. 

Disclipline is the vehicle for your success and intent is the fuel.  One will not work without the other.  When you don’t get immediate feedback, that is the hardest to push through.  To be great you have to be ok with that and stay motivated.  Build your momentum and push on!... don’t stop

Think about that wild tiger in the wild who sees a gazelle in front of him.  It’s an intrinsic motivator to “GET IT!!”.  That is motivation!  

IF you are clear in your intent, its like your foot is on the gas, to the floor!  That is intent, nothing will stop you.  This is where the people who excel come from.

Just start.. start with developing momentum.  Push through the beginning, the intent starts to dominate and the disciple will keep you there… 

This goes out to my Cousin Jeremy Brown who is in the picture below.  He successfully Completed his first IronMan!  He was like that wild tiger who saw that gazelle, he GOT IT! 

Congrats Jeremy.. MR. IRONMAN!  Follow him at