Social Media (warning)!

Did you know.... 71% of online adults use Facebook?  Of those users online, 76% are posting status updates regularly.. The social habit as formed.. I enjoy Facebook.  I like to see others doing well, media news posts, everyone loves Upworthy posts.  I get to keep up with friends and family that I don't see as often..With 58 million Americans online involved with social media... I am certainly not alone.

While everyone seems to love Facebook... Facebook is not always to love.  It seems that more and more individuals are using Facebook as a sounding board and not always in a good way.  Posts regarding how much someone hates their life is not fair.. or how someone hates their job. yada yada yada.. .I know you have seen these.. right?

Now, we are welcome to put comments on facebook of whatever we wish and tell everyone that if they dont like it, JUST UNFRIEND ME because it is my facebook!  The reality is, you can be held accountable for the things you post, even legally.

If there is only one thing for certain of the internet and social media.. Once you post it, you can never control where it goes.  Someone could copy it and potentially repost it or worse.  The same thing goes with picture texts, snapchat and any other social media.  You might think the images you send through snapchat and like applications are safe but I assure you... they are not!  


Teens are committing suicide because of social media and/or sending of inappropriate pictures.

Work related?  Did you know that over 50% of employers prescreen their applicants through social media?   If they see something they don't like, odds are, you were removed immediately from the options/

There are plenty of social ramifications for what you post... The list is so long I will leave the link HERE

In closing, please remember the nature of the beast.. social media and social phone apps are meant to share information, not private things. So, be careful what you place here.  In the end.. it could cost you an interview, your job, friends and other things that are far worse...